Toys Our Baby is Loving: 6-9 Months Old

If I were to make a true list of my daughter’s favorite things to play with these past few months, I’d have to include lots of non-toy stuff, like iPhones and TV remotes. Since my last post, she’s gained a keen interest in whatever the adults around her are regularly using. We actually tried getting her to focus on a phone teething toy instead of going after our real iPhones, but to little effect.

Mobility changes everything, it seems. She can now crawl around and loves supporting herself to stand. Few toys compare to the joy of beelining for any and every stable (or not-so-stable!) object to pull up on. At least for her, it’s all about practicing those movement skills at this stage. Still, she does have some favorite toys. Here’s what made the list for her between six and nine months old:

Sophie the Giraffe


I feel like anyone who knows someone with a baby knows about Sophie the Giraffe. This fancy French teething toy is on lots of baby gift recommendation lists. Honestly, for a while I avoided buying Sophie for that reason. It seemed like a lot of hype over a toy that resembles plenty of others on the market that are much less pricey. However, much like “Baby Shark,” Sophie turns out to be one of those mysterious and magical things that babies just adore. My daughter even has another nice squeaky toy with a similar texture that makes a similar squeaking sound to Sophie, but apparently it pales in comparison.

We have gone through one and bought another one already—I was a dummy and got water stuck inside one while cleaning it. Thank goodness our little one is none the wiser that the one she has is Sophie the Second. ($24.99 on Amazon)


Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

We have had these balls for a while, but lately she is obsessed with them. The smaller balls in this set are the perfect size for her to hold and wave around without losing her grip. She likes having one in a hand at all times as she explores her little territory. Having her chase after them has been a good way to motivate her to crawl, too. Super cheap and simple but a big hit with her now at this stage. ($7.65 on Amazon)

Llama Llama’s Little Library

Llama Llama’s Little Library was given to us by a friend when my little girl was teeny tiny. We probably started reading the three books in this set to her when she was just a few months old. They may be her favorite due to exposure over time, but whatever the reason my daughter is a mega fan of any Llama Llama book. We have quite a few other books on the shelf in her room, but time and time again it’s Llama Llama that she goes after.


(Side note: She has an adorable new habit from daycare, which is moving back a bit before settling down on her tush the moment we open up a book. I definitely did not teach her to do that! It really looks like she’s getting ready to listen to us read to her. So sweet.)

We have a few other Llama Llama books, including the original, but Llama Llama Hoppity Hop from this set is her absolute fave. There are lots of fun actions you can act out, ending with a lovely “BIG HUG NOW!” ($16.86 on Amazon)